11 Tips from Top photographers for Taking Kid and Family Photos

By Donna-Duarte-Ladd for newyorkfamily.com

11 Tips from Top photographers for Taking Kid and Family Photos

Ever wonder why our covers look so good? This is because we have the best photographers who shoot for us. We also do a lot to get a great pic, especially with kids. I have personally done somersaults, worn silly hats, and begged and pleaded for a great photo. But there are also times our crew does something crazy- we let kids be kids, and we take the pics as they live in the moment.

Whether you want to take a great family photo or take keepsakes of your littles, we have tips from our amazing contributing photographers on how to get it. Take the pic and make sure you get pictures where you are in it, mama!

Tips from Top photographers for Taking Kid and Family Pictures

Move it, move it: Take a group picture while you’re all walking towards the camera, swaying, singing, yelling something (“happy Halloween” offers good mouth shapes), or do anything that has your body moving naturally. This will always give you a more authentic picture full of life. If you’re taking a photo of your kid, have them run toward you, spin in a circle or do some kind of action, maybe a jumping jack, try a high five and these photos will look more casual and more natural than a grip-and-grin.

Set the scene, call action (toddlers): For a young toddler, first, back them up against a blank wall (as plain as you can find!) Then have a friend sit beside you and call “ACTION!” make them dance and sing and do ridiculous stuff right above the phone or camera, maybe with a toy, with their voice, or anything that uses the element of surprise (and delight). Just go crazy! A toddler will at least briefly stand there and smile and laugh against a perfect plain backdrop.

The Hail Mary: For older kids who are just too ‘cool’ to participate, find ample floor space and tell them to lie down and go to sleep. Now put their heads together, legs straight out in front of them, arranged in so that their bodies are making a little pinwheel shape. Just put a blanket over all of their heads and then whisk it away, playing silly hide and seek or “don’t you smile!” games and even though they’re old and way too cool, they can’t help but smile if you’re playing with them from overhead. Then you can offer to switch and you lay down on the ground and they look down over the top of you, maybe do a little ring around the Rosie action and you’ll take pictures from down below with all their hair flying over the camera and it’s very silly and an awesome photo.

My iPhone upside-down trick!  Simply hold your pointer finger on the up-volume button on your iPhone with the camera open, flip the phone upside down and hold the camera close to the ground or kitchen counter. Fire away, taking photos upside down! Your subjects may be so intrigued with what you’re doing that they will want to participate. Foolproof!

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