Travel books are one of the best ways to transport yourself to foreign lands, explore new cultures and landscapes, and engage in the sort of profound philosophical pondering that goes hand in hand with travel without even leaving your bedroom.

At the moment, of course, a lot of us are stuck inside. So, if there was ever a time to get yourself a few new travel books or outdoors books, and escape to new mountains or trails from the safety of your duvet, this is surely it. With that in mind, we’ve put together a few suggestions which we’ve read and loved. With a few notable exceptions, we’ve tried to make them recent releases, too. The oldies that have slipped in are – we very much assure you – golden.

“The world is blessed with amazing indy bookshops that are central to so many communities, and we urge you now to support them.”

But first, a quick – but very important – note. You’ll notice that we’ve not included any direct hyperlinks in our list; links which would guide you to online merchants where you can buy the books. That’s because we’re hoping that if you do see a book you fancy, what you’ll do instead of ordering it online is call up or e-mail your nearest or favourite independent book shop and get them to deliver it to you instead. Another unfortunate side-effect of us all being stuck inside because of COVID-19 is that small, independent businesses are struggling more than ever and bookshops are very much included in that. The world is blessed with amazing indy bookshops, that are central to so many communities, and we urge you now to support them.

If you’re interested, we’ve also got a list of the best books on climate change, and we’ve got a selected list of mountaineering books coming soon, too. Right here, the focus stays on travel and the outdoors. Here are some of our favourite travel books. In no particular order…

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