20 Fun New Year’s Eve Crafts and Activities for Kids

By The Everymom Editors

Spending New Year’s Eve as a family can be one of the most special ways to connect and create new memories.  While the grown-ups look forward to toasting at midnight, there’s nothing that says you can’t have an early celebration that includes the whole family—even babies, toddlers, and little kids. Making the countdown to the new year special with little ones is all about having fun New Year’s Eve crafts and activities ready to go.

2. New Year’s Eve Fondue Party for Kids

Make this NYE super special for your little ones by setting up a treat just for them. With easy cheese and chocolate fondue recipes, this is one idea you won’t want to pass up!

new year's eve activities for kids

3. New Year’s Eve Fizzy Baking Soda Experiment

The little scientists in your house will love this experiment. You can make this classic vinegar and baking soda activity extra special with a few simple items from your local dollar store.  

new year's eve activities for kids

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