25 Fun and Educational Shows For Kids Who Love Animals

By Jamie Kenney for romper.com

Before we become adults who love watching adorable animal content on YouTube and TikTok, we were children who loved animal shows wherever and however we could get them. And if history has repeated itself in your home, we’ve found 25 amazing and educational TV shows for kids who really like animals. And, honestly, in the vast media landscape, it’s really nice to be able to sit your kiddos down in front of the TV with a show that will teach them something and, just maybe, instill a love of nature and the environment.

Animal fun facts never stop being fun. But beyond being educational and informative, between the wildlife documentaries and fun nature shows, the options on this list feature gorgeous footage, dramatic encounters, humor, and real life experiences in a way that are sure to hold your little one’s interest. And, certainly, sometimes nature can be a wee bit scary and not, perhaps, the best idea for sensitive viewers. But nothing on this list goes beyond TV-PG. In fact, unless otherwise noted, all shows are rated TV-Y or TV-G, and appropriate for audiences of all ages. So read on for some ideas to help entertain your little animal lover.

Wild Kratts

Chris and Martin Kratt and their crack team of scientists travel the world learning about animals and their habitats. With the help of their creature power suits, which gives the brothers special abilities, they help keep their animal friends living free and in the wild.

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