44 Presidents, 44 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

From The Huffington Post

It’s Presidents Day and while many of us will be taking the opportunity to enjoy 30% off bath towels and other linens, it’s important that we also spend a moment reflecting on the commanders-in-chief we’ve elected thus far.

With that in mind, we once again present 44 lesser-known facts about the leaders of this nation. Ever wanted to imagine John Quincy Adams naked? Too late, you will now.

So enjoy your day off by learning a few things… and seriously, take advantage of those sales. You NEED new sheets.

  1. Washington’s Teeth Weren’t Wooden- Contrary to popular belief, the country’s first president had dentures made of gold, ivory, lead, and animal teeth.
  2. Adams use to skip school-As a young boy, John Adams would often skip school, choosing instead to spend his time hunting and fishing.
  3. Thomas Jefferson Founded The University Of Virginia-Jefferson founded the university in 1819 on land that once belonged to eventual President James Monroe. Jefferson is the only president to have ever founded an institution of higher learning.
  4. Madison Was Princeton’s First Grad Student-After finishing his undergraduate degree in 2 years, James Madison stayed at the university for an additional year, making him the Ivy League institution’s first graduate student.

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