5 Ways To Connect With Your Child’s Teacher

Aside from her parents, a child spends more of her time learning with her teacher than any other adult. That’s why as a parent, it’s important to connect with your child’s teacher throughout the year  – not just at the beginning on back to school night.

Your child’s teacher is the lifeline to your child’s learning throughout the day. Parents should see their child’s teacher as a partner in one of the most influential experiences of childhood – school.

Make most out of your conference time. Come in prepared with questions. Cite specific examples of behaviors you want to address. Listen and learn about the lesson plans your child’s teacher is putting together.

Talk off line. Ask your child’s teacher if it is okay to call her, or speak with her via e-mail. Most teachers welcome this kind of communication, but respect her preferred means of communication.

Be “that parent.” Communicate with your child’s teacher on a regular basis. Don’t let a small problem get out of control. If you notice your son is not reading or writing at the level you think he should be reading and writing, ask about it. Be involved and an active participant in your child’s learning.

Respect the classroom. Your child’s teacher runs her classroom in the way that works best for her and her students. Prepare your child for school making sure they have a good breakfast, and are on time. Respect her rules.

Talk to your child. Ask him about his day. Engage with him and get him to open up about what he is learning at school. Staying on the “same page” as your child’s learning goals will help everyone work together more smoothly.