70 fantastic facts that will blow your kids’ minds

By Grace Walsh for goodto.com

Turn these fun facts into a learning game and challenge the kids to search for their own amazing facts.

Kids these days, they know a lot, don’t they? They’re little sponges – always thirsty for more knowledge or a fun knock-knock joke to share amongst friends. Well, now it’s your turn to be the smarty pants and baffle them with these fantastic facts for kids.

Whether you’re stuck indoors looking for fun things to do with kids on a rainy day, in a supermarket queue or just want to satisfy curious mini minds, reach for these fun facts. Trust us, they will keep your little (and big!) ones mesmerised.

Fun facts for kids

1. The festive tradition of the Christmas tree dates back thousands of years to the Romans and Ancient Egyptians.

2. It is illegal to stand within 90 metres of the Queen without socks on.

3. The Queen has two birthdays.

4. No word in the dictionary rhyme with the word orange.

5.. Apples float on water!

6.. Number four is the only one with the same amount of letters.

7. More than 480million people have played Monopoly.

8. Tomatoes and avocados are actually fruits, not vegetables.

9. The opposite sides of the dice always add up to seven.

10. A bolt of lightning is five times hotter than the sun.

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