8 Amazing Kids Who Make a Difference

By Andrea Cooper for Parenting.com

A 10-year-old singer who serenades the elderly. A 12-year-old triathlete who raises money for cancer research—just your average, run-of-the-mill kids, right? Not exactly, hence why we couldn’t help designating the following eight children our 2011 Kids of the Year. (If we had the power, we’d make them goodwill ambassadors to the United Nations, to say the least!) From each of their brilliant minds came ideas that are original, creative, and hard-to-believe-it’s-possible—and, to add that extra bit of wow, they make other people’s lives better. Get ready to be amazed and inspired!

Connecting Through Music 
Abigail Lupi
Age 10, Stockholm, NJ

Lots of children like to put on shows. Few are as enterprising as Abigail. She performed her first musical revue three years ago at an assisted-living center, in honor of her great-grandmother’s 100th birthday. “That’s when I discovered many of the elderly didn’t have visitors,” she says. Abigail figured she could remedy that by inviting friends to perform with her at assisted-living residences, nursing homes, and children’s hospitals throughout the state. Today, CareGirlz, Abigail’s ensemble of 13 girls ages 6 to 13, has a repertoire of more than 90 Broadway and pop songs, and they’ve performed in 20 different locales so far. “I like to brighten up people’s days and help them have a fun time,” says Abigail. “If I do my best, they’ll have a smile on their faces by the end.”

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