8 Homework Questions That Stumped Parents

By Caroline Bologna for huffpost.com

Homework is not just the bane of many students’ lives. It can also lead to major frustration for their parents.

Sometimes a homework question comes along that is so confusing, it stumps kids and parents alike. And many of those frustrated adults take to social media to share their bewilderment.

We’ve rounded up eight such problems that have made waves online over the years ― or came to us directly from the HuffPost Parents community.

In 2017, New York mom Royce Winnick posted a photo of her 5-year-old daughter’s take-home worksheet on Facebook and asked if anyone could figure out the answer to the last question. The worksheet focused on the letter T and instructed students to “tap out the word in the picture and write out the sounds you hear.”

While the first answers were simply “tub,” “ten” and “top,” the last one showed a drawing of rabbits with no clear T-word description. “The real answer was ‘vet’ which makes no sense!” Winnick told HuffPost at the time.

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