A good value: Get your child off to a great start with Reading Kingdom!

As a Mom, you’re always looking for the best deals. “Spend a little, get a lot!” is blogger Jenny Richards’ philosophy, and she was impressed by the quality and value of the Reading Kingdom program. She found the program to be a colorful, fun, and well-designed resource for you and your developing reader.

childrens online book review “Modeling (reading to your kids) is an essential part of teaching your child to read, but there can be many teary nights as you gently guide them toward reading.

Why not take advantage of something most kids like to do (play games) to teach them to read? There have been a few good attempts, but they’re either too expensive or not tailored to your child. That’s where Reading Kingdom comes in. Their site learns where your child is at in their path toward reading proficiency and starts them off with the skills they need.

I really liked the parent’s “back end” where you could see how your child is doing. My youngest son said he thought the graphics and activities would be fun for a child learning to read.

I also liked how the program repeated things in a variety of ways–this ensures your child is learning to read, not just memorizing what the correct answers are. When you mess up, the program gently corrects you and shows you where you messed up, then gives you more chances to practice and get it right. There was lots of praise and positive reinforcement throughout the program.

This is an excellent resource for you and your developing reader.”

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