Our adaptive program helps children learn to read at any learning level!

Reading Kingdom is designed to foster a love for reading in all children ages 4-10, regardless of their learning level.  Alane was happy to see our program adapt itself to her son’s specific learning needs.  Here’s what she thinks about our software:

“Setting up the program is easy.  My son, Levi and I share the same sign-in information, which makes retrieving his performance easy once he is finished with his work.

I really appreciate that Reading Kingdom makes no assumptions about a student’s skill set – even to the point of making no assumptions about keyboarding skills.  When Luke was younger, I used a popular program that had been converted to an on-line reading/spelling program, and was horribly disappointed that many of the mistakes my son was having counted against him were more related to his typing/ keyboarding skills than his actual decoding and spelling skills.  With Reading Kingdom, each child is taken through an assessment of their keyboarding, sequencing, reading, spelling and other skills to see where their strengths and weaknesses are.

I totally love Reading Kingdom. Levi loves Reading Kingdom.  He has been in heaven.  “Mom”! I hear almost daily, “Look at this!” Today, there were pig shaped balloons at the end of his lesson to show his progress.  I’m so grateful that these little things are encouraging to him!

I cannot think of anything negative about Reading Kingdom.  It is a well-executed program that is definitely helping Levi learn.” – Alane Abbett

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