ADHD? Not a Problem with The Reading Kingdom

In an interview excerpt from Mary Nix, Home Education Magazine Newsletter Editor, Dr. Marion Blank was pleased to talk about how the Reading Kingdom interactive learning software can benefit children with ADHD. Read the following excerpt and share your thoughts with Reading Kingdom!

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Mary: How would your program help a child who might be labeled as having attention deficit disorder(ADHD)?

Reading Kingdom: I’m so glad you used the phrase “labeled as having attention deficit disorder.” Far too many children are being given this label. Regardless of the diagnosis that might be appropriate, one of the major symptoms the children display is an inability to tolerate tasks demanding attention to tedious detail. If they could be said to have a mantra, it would be “It’s boring.”

As far as the children see it, the design of most reading instruction is the epitome of boring. For example, the complexities of English spelling mean that most words cannot be sounded out by applying to one sound to one letter. Try that with even simple words like home, bread, ship, chair and see what you end up with.

To overcome this problem, children are taught to use rules-in fact, to deal with the words only up to third grade, children have to memorize almost 600 rules. Children who are labeled as having attentional problems simply will not or cannot do this sort of extensive memorization of rules.

Fortunately, there is no need to go this route. The programs in the Reading Kingdom system are designed to allow the children to intuit the rules underlying effective reading without ever having to explicitly carry out memorization. When this is the approach taken, both reading and writing are experienced as easy and fun to do. The way is paved for achieving the competence that the children want and need.

The Reading Kingdom online learning software is solving ADHD complexities by holding children’s attention and taking care of that lingering need to read! Want to see how the Reading Kingdom can bloom the reading skills in your home or classroom? Sign up risk free and enjoy your first 30 days on us!