Advantages of learning to read at Reading Kingdom!

Sally’s daughter is very interested in learning to read, so she knew that Reading Kingdom would be perfect for her.  Here’s what Sally thinks about her daughter’s experience at our magical land of literacy:

“When I read about this program, Reading Kingdom, I was all excited because I thought that it would be great for my EK!  She’s been much more relaxed about coming into reading, but has recently expressed a serious interest in learning to read.  So you bring her to a (1) computer program that (2) contains the very princess-y word, “Kingdom” that (3) only she can use, and she is all excited!

Here’s one thing that I love love love: they have this tracking system for the parents that is pretty clear and has a visual component, so you always know what your child is working on, and how he/she is doing.  And they have pretty pictures to go with it, so if you are reading the report while trying to fix a meal and get the 3 year old off the counter and the 6 year old off the 11 year old, you can still process the progress.” — Sally Faulkner

Our software brings visual progress reports to parents while their children learn to read.  Reading Kingdom is also designed to keep children engaged through entire lessons, improving the quality of their learning.

To experience our award-winning reading program that is teaching to read up to a third grade level, click here for a free 30 day trial of Reading Kingdom.