Adventure books for kids: Cynthia’s Attic: The Missing Locket

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Cynthia’s Attic: The Missing Locket by Mary Cunningham, is one of the Reading Kingdom’s recommended adventure books for kids. Melissa Gaynor explains why:

“What You Need to Know:
• This book is the first in a series about the time traveling adventures of two best friends.

• Perfect for a newly Independent Reader, the story packs in plenty of adventure in only 150 pages.

• Readers do need to keep track of the different time periods and of which characters belong in the past versus the present.

• The main characters are confident girls who acknowledge that they wouldn’t let a boy get in the way of their dreams.

• No one dies during the story but there are ghosts, including one of a little boy.

• There is one slightly violent scene where the girls stand up to a bad guy and knock him out with an oar.

The story of best friends who find adventure in a dusty old attic during the summer of 1964, Cynthia’s Attic is actually good clean fun. The characters are straightforward and without guile although they do still enjoy a harmless prank here and there. The girls are considerate of each other and if there are conflicts between them, they say what’s on their minds and settle things quickly. There are no mean girls, inappropriate relationships or Internet scandals. There’s no texting and there are no vampires, werewolves or mummies. Cynthia’s Attic does have some dead people, a few ghosts and one slightly violent scene but nothing to raise any real concerns.”

Have your children read Cynthia’s Attic: The Missing Locket? What did they think of the book?

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