All the colors of learning!

A popular theory in early education is that a child can be positively influenced by a vibrant and colorful environment. Educators are exploring how this concept affects children and our friends at Timbuktu show a great example:

“We have spoken before about the good influence colors can have on children. It seems pretty intuitive: life is way better when you are surrounded by colors, and that is particularly true when you are a kid.

For instance, things are probably pretty good if your school looks like this:


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Welcome to the École Maternelle Pajol, a school in Paris’ 18th arrondissement. Architects Palatre et Lecrere were assigned a renovation project for the school, and worked on it with the aim of making it a positive, playful environment for kids.


It’s difficult to imagine a more vibrant environment, and one more fit to kids: the school is such a splash of colors in the neighborhood! Which is what all schools should be, we think.

Do you know any amazing school buildings? Share it with us!”

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