Annie and Simon

Annie and Simon is a book about a brother and sister and the relationship they share.  The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What yo need to know:

• Sweet, innocent little learn to read book.
• The chapters are mini-short stories, not a continuous storyline, so you can read in any order and one at a time.
• I especially like this format, mini-short stories, as a practice chapter book either for your newly independent
reader or a read-aloud for your preschooler, as they can sit longer. My little guy loves to read a chapter
a night, he feels like a big guy.

Sweet Book Summary:

Annie and Simon are brother and sister. Annie is the exuberant and chatty younger sister and Simon is the patient, seemingly long-suffering older brother. Annie and Simon go on adventures together with Annie leading the way and always encountering a problem, and Simon taking care of it. There are four stories in all: Annie gets a comb stuck in her hair and Simon gets it out, they take a canoe ride looking for loons, Annie gets stung by a bee and Simon soothes it and in the final story they go to the park in the evening to watch a meteor shower.

The stories are sweet and gentle. Not a whole lot going on, except some subtle humor in the give and take between Annie and Simon. And Annie is pretty comically self-involved, which parents reading this with their children will relate to. Speaking of parents, not sure where Annie and Simon’s are as they are nowhere to be found in these stories. Kind of like Max and Ruby, where the heck are their parents anyway???

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