Our approach brings results to any child wanting literacy success!

Our approach to teaching children to read garners results for any child that wants to achieve literacy success.  Susan and her daughter have started using our reading program and both love the fun, interactive lessons Lingo teaches at Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what Susan thinks about the ease of use our online reading program provides.

“I am just going to cut to the chase and say that I loved Reading Kingdom! My six year old loved it too! I was so impressed with the ease of use when starting my daughter with the Reading Kingdom program.  Literally you log on, press that cute little owl, and that is it.  The program started with an assessment test for my daughter.  At the completion of that, they placed her in the appropriate level that she could start the program in.  That’s it, it was so simple.  Personally speaking it is a plus for me to just log onto a program and not have to watch tutorials, read lengthy instructions on set up, etc….  Log on, press owl, done.” – Susan Varner

Join the thousands of parents and teachers finding success with Reading Kingdom.  Enjoy a free 30 day trial to see how our unique approach can build a strong foundation in literacy in your home or classroom.  We’ll see you soon!