ASD Reading 2.0 Released

ASD Reading 2.0 Released

The Reading Program for Children with Autism

Just Got Even Better


We are pleased to announce the release of ASD Reading 2.0, a major upgrade to our industry leading online reading and writing program for children with autism. The new ASD Reading update includes a number of enhancements and the addition of a groundbreaking new comprehension format called Query Quest.

It’s well known that children with autism have significant reading comprehension problems. Even when the children decode well, they often fail to understand the meaning. At the heart of this problem are two key language skills that typically receive minimal attention: 1) use of well-structured sentences and 2) ability to answer questions. Query Quest addresses these critical language components through a set of uniquely designed activities that teach students to understand and answer, in complete sentences, questions that systematically increase in complexity. Mastery of these neglected skills transforms reading comprehension from a dream to a reality.  No other program offers this type of instruction.

The Query Quest format was underwritten by a significant donation from the Walling family. In explaining his family’s donation, Andrew Walling said, “ASD Reading has transformed our relationship with our daughter, Kate. Its reading and writing programs helped her develop critical communication and problem solving skills. Now Kate reads and spells at or above grade level and we can ‘talk’ with her about her interests and feelings via writing. It has allowed us to recognize her true potential.” Kate’s grandfather, Buzz Walling, added, “It has truly been a blessing to watch Kate develop a mastery of written language and to communicate with my granddaughter. We are so grateful to Reading Kingdom and her team for developing this innovative way for children on the autism spectrum to learn reading and writing skills and are thrilled to have funded it.”

ASD Reading ( is a literacy and language program for children with autism – including those who are non-verbal. It was developed by Dr. Marion Blank who created and served as Co-Director of the Columbia University Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program for Autism, and her son, Jonathan Blank, an award-winning software developer.

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