ASD Reading Review: ” It is the first really helpful program that we found for our non-speaking son.”

“Dear ASD Reading,

We are excited that Asher was able to complete this program.

I like that the program was engaging to my son. He definitely liked it, and he misses doing it now that he has finished. I love that it is geared for non-speaking kids with autism.  It is the first really helpful program that we found for our non-speaking son.  I also like all of the helpful videos and information that is available on the site.  I like that I can tell people that they can find information there about the program and the “why” of it before subscribing.  And I’m so glad for the free 30-day trial too! 

My son really liked the program.  He typically did one lesson a day, but he almost always wanted to do it and now that we have finished he keeps requesting it.  

My son has been helped so much by this program.  He is clearly reading and is able to transfer that skill to other things now, like reading directions for a game or toy and following them.  When he had learned his alphabet and was ready to learn to read, none of his teachers at school had an effective way to teach him.  I was astounded that the educators we were relying upon did not know how to help. He went from no effective reading instruction to a very effective and helpful program.  He was able to move steadily through this program and show us his ability to learn, which had not happened before in any other program.

I recommend this program whenever the opportunity comes up.  I wish that more people working in the autism world knew about this life-changing program!  


Jennifer Anderson”

ASD Reading is designed to teach children on the Autism Spectrum to read. Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.