ASD Reading Review: “My favorite thing about ASD Reading is that it takes the struggle out of teaching my child with autism to read.”

“Through the years, I have used a variety of methods to teach my children to read, but I have not tried an online reading system until now. As a veteran homeschool mom with five children, I have tried so many methods and programs that I can’t even remember them all. However, teaching my son with autism to read has been so hard. Jack-Jack is 15 and reads at a 2nd-grade level. So I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to try out ASD Reading.

ASD Reading is an online subscription-based reading system uniquely developed for autistic children and children with other disabilities. It can be used for both verbal and non-verbal children.

ASD Reading and it’s sister site Reading Kingdom help children read using 6 skills: sequencing, writing, sounds, meaning, grammar, and comprehension.


First, off ASD Reading is the ONLY system that teaches all 6 skills required for reading and writing success. Furthermore, it is based on a patented reading system developed by Dr. Marion Blank.

Traditional teaching methods are often based on phonics. However, phonics-based systems do not teach everything a child needs to know about reading.

Phonics needs spoken language to apply it to reading. If your child is non-verbal, phonics is very difficult to teach. I remember feeling helpless years ago because I was not able to teach Jack-Jack the names of the letters and the sounds they made because he was non-verbal. We did not have access to a program like ASD Reading.

With ASD Reading your child will learn the spelling of the word, its meaning, how it relates to other words, its placement in the sentence, and more.

Since ASD Reading is video-based and uses colorful graphics, my son is engaged and stays focused on the entire lesson. Video is how he learns best.

This is not a reading “app,” but a complete reading system.


My favorite thing about ASD Reading is that it takes the struggle out of teaching my child with autism to read. Jack-Jack loves using the program. There are so many benefits of homeschooling a child with autism, but one of the biggest downfalls has been the lack of products available for teaching a child with autism – until now!

Another feature that is helpful, especially to parents that need a little more support is online tracking, videos, tutorials, and ease of contacting the company. These types of parent support make teaching reading to an autistic child much more pleasant!


One more thing that I have loved about this program is the ease is adjusting the level you are teaching. When Jack-Jack first took the assessment test, he was tired. I should have waited until the next day. He made some simple mistakes on words that I knew he understood and could spell.

He was placed in Level 2, but after a week of working through the level I realized that he needed to be reassessed. I easily found the way to do this, and he retook the Placement Test. This time he was rested and focused. He placed at level 4 which is a better fit for him.

Additionally, because he is now at a level that is challenging, but not too difficult for him, he is more focused on each and every lesson.  While I stay by his side most lessons, he is able to complete them in 10-15 minutes a day all on his own. This is one reading program that is a hit in this household!”

Patty Moliterno

Our sister program, ASD Reading, is designed to teach children on the autism spectrum to read. Sign up today for a free 30 day trial.