Ask Reading Kingdom: Can you miss days with the Reading Kingdom program?

Jessica, from the blog, Only Small Things, asked this question on our Facebook page:

If a child has been absent from RK for a few days due to illness (an ear infection), will the program adjust, assuming he might have forgotten a few things since he last played it? In other words, should I be worried he’s missed a few days?

That is an excellent question and we are pleased to tell you that generally a “time away” is not a problem.

The Introduction to Reading and Writing portions of the program are designed so that a child cannot move ahead until a certain crite…rion is reached. So the program will keep a child at the level he or she needs before moving on. Once a child is in the Reading and Writing sections, then the program is set up so that there is a steady built-in review throughout.

For example, the sentences that the child has to read and write in learning new words contain many of the words previously learned. The embedding of the teaching in meaningful material throughout (as opposed to practicing isolated sounds and words) also leads to the learning of patterns and “pattern based learning” tends not to be forgotten. Teachers have often commented to us how pleased and surprised they are by the children “not forgetting the materials after a vacation break.”

And finally just in case there is some forgetting, the Progress Check at the end of each level will let you know that and the program will automatically offer review material.

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