Ask Reading Kingdom: Did you make a “rookie mistake” early in your career?

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Mistakes are a normal and healthy part of the educational process – provided that we learn from them.

Renee (Educator) Asks:

What’s one rookie mistake you made early in your career?

Reading Kingdom founder, Dr. Marion Blank answers:

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “mistake” but one event does stand out clearly in my mind. I was a graduate student at Cambridge University and a guest lecturer—a pediatrician – came to speak about motor skills in young children and their importance in development. It was a subject that received almost no attention in those days and I remember thinking that it was a waste of my time to have to sit there and listen. How wrong I was!

The longer I work in the field, the more I realize how vital motor skills are to a child’s effective functioning.  For example, they play a huge role in reading through eye scanning movements as well as handwriting and keyboarding. Sometimes they are central to slow speech patterns in children with reading difficulties. My reaction at the time had nothing to do with the significance of what the speaker was saying; it was caused by the fact that he was decades ahead of his time. As is commonly the case, I was not, at the time, prepared to take in totally new messages. But the experience was pivotal in my thinking. Avoidance of the new is an ever-present bias that is extremely hard to overcome—but I keep trying.

Whenever I find myself “turning off” to new ideas, I remind myself to stop and think, “Keep listening, there may be something here that is important. Be open to that possibility.”


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