Ask Reading Kingdom: Are Librarians Becoming Endangered?


“To all my librarian friends, champions of books, true magicians in the House of Life. Without you, this writer would be lost in the dust.” ― Rick Riordan

Librarians have long been a fixture in schools providing the right books, the right questions, and the right answers.  Unfortunately, lately shrinking budgets have been squeezing them out of schools everywhere.

A concerned teacher asks:

If we know that librarians who get to know their students are the magic that sparks a love of reading, why do we cut this critical position from school budgets?

Dr. Marion Blank ( founder) answers:

Your question brought up so many wonderful memories of my childhood. When I was in elementary school, librarians would regularly come to our classes and mesmerize us with the wonderful stories that were in the books they admired. It was as if the old fashioned story tellers of ancient traditions had entered our lives.  It would be fabulous to have professionals like these in the schools today.

Sadly, the opposite is happening. These sorts of experiences – like so many of the experiences that children love in school – from art to music to physical education are being cut out. The source is not difficult to uncover. The forces now in control of financing want to keep costs as low as possible. Further, they justify their strategy by claiming that these “extras” do not contribute to the academic scores schools must produce if they want to continue to receive funding. In my view, this can only be changed by parents and other committed citizens coming together and putting pressure on legislators and education officials to put together richer programs for their children’s education.

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