Ask Reading Kingdom: Is “Netspeak” Changing Language As We Know It?


The English language is ever-changing, and internet language (also known as “netspeak”) continues the progress of our ever evolving expressions.

Daniel (teacher) asks:

Is “netspeak” a reflection of a more profound –permanent– change in the evolution of language(s)?

Dr. Marion Blank, the creator of says:

“Wow, that is a challenging and fascinating question. Language is experiencing a tsunami of change and the swiftness and ease with which it has evolved makes it almost certain that it will have major effects of how we communicate with one another.

But the topic is huge and beyond the limits of what we can cover here. To delve further into this issues, you might find it useful to read David Crystal’s books “A Glossary of Netspeak and Textspeak” (Edinburgh University Press) and “Language and the Internet” (Cambridge University Press).”

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