Ask Reading Kingdom: Tips for Reading to Children


Reading to children is essential when teaching to read.  It’s important to avoid the common pitfalls, but equally important for adults to know the best tips for reading to children.  Alexandra (parent) asks:

”Reading to young children: What do you think parents and caregivers need to know? I would love to hear your thoughts.”


Dr. Marion Blank, the creator of Reading Kingdom says:

“Reading to children is truly one of the most valuable activities to do with a child. Its benefits are many. To name just a few–it’s great for the relationship, it expands a child’s knowledge base, it encourages curiosity, and it is a lot of fun. But all those features hold only if it is not made into a test situation where the child has to keep proving his or her reading prowess, answer questions and so on.

At the same time, despite the common hype, reading to a child may have no benefit for the child’s mastery of early reading demands. Those demands involve a range of diligence activities like spelling accurately, decoding new words, and sticking with tedious activities. In addition, early reading in school requires lots of writing which requires fine motor skills. Nothing in reading to a child serves to develop those abilities.

So is reading to a child valuable?

Absolutely. Will it lead to effective early reading? It may very well help, but it’s not enough on its own.”

Reading to children is great fun, and having a child read a story to you is even more fun! When your children are ready to learn to read, sign them up for a free 30 day trial of the Reading Kingdom online learning program and game.