Ask Reading Kingdom:What type of reading program works best for a student with dyslexia?

Although there are dozens of reading programs, eachstate sets out standards that determine whether a program is accepted in the state.  Almost all programs that have been accepted are based on the recommendations of the National Reading Panel which first appeared in 2000 and the Common Core State Standards. These contain a heavy emphasis on phonics and phonics related activities. A major problem, however, is that children who are identified as dyslexics have major difficulties with phonics. The proposed solution is to intensify their phonics instruction in the belief that the extra time and effort spent training phonics will enable the children to succeed. This often does not happen. Further, many of the children start to “hate” reading since it is so filled with error and pain for them. That’s why the Reading Kingdom offers a very different program which includes a focus on building up long term visual memory for words.  When a child identified as dyslexic develops that ability, then like all effective readers, he or she is readily able to decode words (i.e., to recognize and name the word).  

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