10 Awesome Rules for Students and Teachers

Humans throughout history have created countless rules – and many times they are confusing or conflicting.  That’s why it’s great when you find some rules to follow that really work.

Here are 10 very awesome (and creative) rules for students and teachers:

“Schools are one of the most regulated places on Earth. Sometimes, this aspect can be tough for students, and even for teachers. Following so many rules can be tough. But not all the rules are equal. There are rules that can actually make your school experience much more meaningful and fun. Take a look at these rules and add yours!

10 Rules for Students and Teachers by John Cage and Sister Corita Kent

Part of a project for a class the artist and educator Corita Kent taught in 1967-1968.

rules-for-studentsHow many of these 10 rules will you use next week?

While rules are essential for some situations in life, when it comes to learning to read rules can cause problems. For instance, because English is such an irregular language, traditional phonics education has almost 600 complicated rules that children can’t remember. Reading Kingdom, on the other hand, teaches children to read and write without requiring them to learn any rules.

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