Back to school ideas and activities!


It’s that time of year again – back to school season!

It’s important that you’re just as prepared to go back to school as your children are.  Click here for great tips and information you can use to learn more about your child’s learning environment.  You can also use this helpful information to ask teachers all of the questions a parent wants to know before your kids go back to school.

Did you know that besides their parent(s), a child spends more time learning with their teacher than any other adult? That’s why as a parent, it’s important to connect with your child’s teacher throughout the year – not just at the beginning on back to school night.  Click here for 5 ways to connect with your child’s teacher.

If you’re a homeschooler, your curriculum may be in the final stages of planning.  There are plenty of great educational apps for kids available, and of course the Reading Kingdom serves as a standalone reading curriculum as well as the perfect supplement to any other reading curriculum you may already be using.  Read the opinion of homeschooling parents all over the country here.

When your children do their homework, it’s important that they display the positive self esteem that can improve their study skills.  We’ve got you covered with tips to help your elementary school child study!  The first few weeks of school also means that there are an abundance of papers and refrigerator art in tow.  Click here to read how you can keep these piles of papers organized so that they don’t get out of control.

When learning for the day is done, it’s important that children get out for at least 60 minutes of play.  Believe it or not, children nowadays play outside 50 percent less than they used to in previous generations, an alarming figure that has led to rising obesity and attention-deficit problems.  Here’s how you can strike the right balance with after-school activities.

Join Lingo and the Reading Kingdom community as children learn to read online.  Whether you are a teacher who would like to use Reading Kingdom in the classroom, or a parent looking to give their children an extra boost in reading proficiency as they go back to school, you can sign up for a free 30 day trial of our award winning online reading program and game.  You’ll be happy to join the thousands of parents and teachers who are already watching their children learn to read with Reading Kingdom.  Lingo and company hope to see you soon!