Bad Kitty for President


 This is the story of Bad Kitty and his run for neighborhood president. The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• Bad Kitty is an entirely unique and funny series of books.
• These books, in early chapter book format, are heavily illustrated.
• Kitty is hysterical! The content on every page will make your reader laugh.
• Check out Bruel’s kid-friendly website.
• This is a timely book for this election year.

Sweet Series Background:
Bad Kitty is one amusing cat. It is the brainchild of a very funny author, Nick Bruel. I am not sure if these books are an ode to cats or if this is fun stuff for cat loathers. Either way, kids will enjoy these funny books about the life of a cat – exaggerated, of course. Why are cats so afraid of baths? Bad Kitty Takes a Bath attempts to explain why. Why are cats so afraid of strangers? Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray attempts to explain this. What happens to the kitty when the new baby arrives? Bad Kitty Meets the Baby tells us. The illustrations in each of the books in this series are the kind that make you laugh-out-loud.

Sweet Book Summary:
In Bruel’s latest installment, Bad Kitty for President, Bad Kitty is running for President of the Neighborhood Cat Club – hilariously. What might have been a boring election primer, is actually a laugh-out-loud story that explains elections from start to finish. As you can see, from a peek at the table of contents, the information about elections is truly comprehensive: Chapter 1: The Primaries; Chapter 2: The Endorsement; Chapter 3: On the Campaign Trail; Chapter 4: Media and Money; Chapter Five: The Debate; Chapter 6: Election Day! Chapter 7: The Results.

Bruel has provided a lot of information which could have become arduous if left in the hands of a different author. But not with Bruel! He has written a really hysterically funny, entertaining and charming story which also happens to explain the complex electoral process in our country. Bruel does this by breaking up the facts and sprinkling them throughout. Uncle Murray’s fun facts explain the process. Then, Bad Kitty’s race for the President of the Neighborhood Cat Club, explains it in a simpler format; so really, there is something for every reader level.

For example, in order to understand primaries, your reader can read the two page factual spread of Uncle Murray’s Fun Facts on Primaries, or younger readers can skip that spread, and read the story in chapter one where Bad Kitty learns that there are two kitty political parties. The two parties are determined by the side of the street on which the kitty lives. The candidates are chosen with a baby-kissing contest. Bad Kitty gets her party’s nomination!

Bruel has created a funny little character in Bad Kitty. Kitty is part drama queen and part neurotic, prone to fits of delusions that are side-splittingly funny. Kids and adults will enjoy reading this book together. In this well illustrated book, there is also a graphic component with comics interspersed throughout. I see reluctant readers of all types eating these books up. The Bad Kitty books are also great for struggling older readers. They look and feel like regular chapter books, but when you open them up there is not as much text on each page. The illustrations are not too babyish and give struggling readers relief from too much print.

Author: Nick Bruel Illustrator: Nick Bruel Published: 2012, 144 pages
Themes: Humor, Animals – Cats, Adventure, Government, Books for Boys

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