Bad Kitty Meets the Baby


Bad Kitty Meets the Baby  is the story of Bad Kitty and the new baby his parents bring home.  Readers will delight in the antics of Bad Kitty and all of his kitty friends as they challenge the new baby.  The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:
• Bad Kitty is an entirely unique and funny series of books.
• These books, in early chapter book format, are heavily illustrated.
• Kitty is hysterical! The content is sometimes comically graphic in nature.
Sweet Series Background:
Bad Kitty is one funny cat. Bad Kitty is the brainchild of one funny author, Nick Bruel. I am not sure if these books are an ode to cats or if this is fun stuff for cat loathers. Either way, kids will enjoy these funny books about the life of a cat – exaggerated, of course. Why are cats so afraid of baths? Bad Kitty Takes a Bath attempts to explain why. Why are cats so afraid of strangers? Bad Kitty vs Uncle Murray attempts to explain this. What happens to the kitty when the new baby arrives? The illustrations are laugh-out-loud.

Sweet Book Summary:
What happens when Bad Kitty meets the new baby? Hilarity: that’s what! I was thrilled to finish this book and find out it is just as funny and entertaining as the earlier Bad Kitty books! Any youngster who has had to endure being usurped of attention when a younger sibling was brought home will fully relate to Bad Kitty’s tale of woe.

Bad Kitty’s parents come home from their trip with a “special” surprise for Kitty. Kitty is very wary, because last time they had a “special” surprise, they came home with Puppy. Kitty was wary for good reason. This time they came home with a baby! Although Kitty can’t quite figure out what the thing is, so all of her kitty friends come over and put the “thing” to a challenge: The Pussycat Olympics. Baby, who they have named New Kitty, takes first place in every competition including Stare-At-Yourself-In-The-Mirror-Until-You-Get-Bored and Babbling-On-And-On-Without-Stopping. But when Baby wins the eating competition, effectively dethroning Bad Kitty, Bad Kitty freaks out! What child hasn’t had a total meltdown at some point after a new baby arrives? The only thing that calms Kitty is when she finds out Baby was adopted, just like her. Baby needed people to love her and take care of her. So Bad Kitty does just that: she comically helps Baby use her litter box, shares her cat food and tries to give Baby a kitty bath. She even protects Baby when they want to give her a regular bath, because surely nobody likes to get all wet!

Bruel has created a funny little character in Bad Kitty. Kitty is part drama queen and part neurotic prone to fits of delusions that are sidesplittingly funny. Kids and adults will enjoy reading this book together. I especially liked how Bruel weaved in the adoption. While this shouldn’t be limited to a book about adoption, it will make children who are adopted feel very at ease.

In this well illustrated book, there is also a graphic component with comics interspersed throughout. I see reluctant readers of all types eating these books up. The Bad Kitty books are also great for struggling older readers. They look and feel like regular chapter books, but when you open them up there is not as much text on each page. The illustrations are not too babyish and give struggling readers relief from too much print.

Author: Nick Bruel Illustrator: Nick Bruel Published: 2011, 144 pages
Themes: Humor, Animals – Cats, Adventure, Family Life, Books for Boys, Adoption

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