Bedtime Stories for Kids: Interrupting Chicken


Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein is one of those bedtime stories for kids that will surely have your children smiling as they fall asleep.  Melissa Gaynor from Sweet on Books explains why:

What You Need to Know:
• What a cute chicken and a fun bedtime story – your listener will be laughing before they’re sleeping!
• Underneath the humor, there is a lesson here about being patient and being a good listener.
• Kids will enjoy the familiar retelling of the traditional bedtime stories and smile when Chicken rewrites their endings.
• The father/daughter relationship is very sweet and gentle, as both help the other to fall asleep.
• Every two page spread is filled with vibrant colors and lots of fun details to see.
• I would not be surprised if, by the second reading, listeners are chiming in each time Chicken says “out jumped a little red chicken, and she said…”

I have to admit, I see the Candlewick Press name on a book and I pretty much assume that I’m going to like it. That is the case once again with Interrupting Chicken. There are so many bedtime stories out there, I wouldn’t have thought there was another way to write one but this story stands out. The combination of several well-known fairy tales and one adorable Chicken is a winner.

Papa agrees to read a bedtime story to his little Chicken as long as she agrees not to interrupt him. Well poor Chicken just can’t help herself. They start with Hansel and Gretel and when Papa is at that turning point in the story where things are about to go very wrong, Chicken just has to jump in and make things right. Although we all know how frustrating it can be to get interrupted, it’s hard not to get caught up in Chicken’s enthusiasm as she offers her version of how the story should have ended. This scene takes place during two more stories and although Chicken does have some pretty good rationale, her dad is starting to look a bit defeated. Somehow you can almost see the exasperation in his eyes.

Finally, Papa suggests that Chicken read him a story. Chicken gets creative with her own story but before she has gotten very far, Papa is sound asleep. Chicken tucks her Papa in and follows suit on the last page where father and daughter are seen, eyes closed and heads together on the pillow. My kids thought this book was hilarious and so do I. Chicken’s idea of making up your own ending to a story has caught on in my house – you should try it at home too!

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