Recommend Your Best Beach Reads

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The summer is quickly approaching, and for me, summer has always meant reading a lot of books on the beach or on vacation. I enjoy diving into a stack of books, ready to let authors take me to imaginary places with new characters and faces.

When I was in elementary school, “required reading” lists had me stressed. They usually included books I wouldn’t have chosen for myself, and I dreaded getting through them. But in those lists, I learned new books to love. Those reading lists forced me to get away from my Babysitter’s Club series and enjoy new authors, new worlds and new characters.

As a teenager who enjoyed her summers lounging by the pool or beach, I delved into, what I would call now, silly tween romance novels. I spent afternoons with Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield from Sweet Valley High and traded in my Babysitter’s Club books for Danielle Steel novels. Sure, none of these books “stuck” with me, but they provided entertainment and further nurtured my love of reading.

Now, as an adult, I look to figures like Oprah, and my own mother who hosts a monthly book club for book recommendations. Last year, I read some fantastic reads: Little Bee by Chris Cleave, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, by Lisa See, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson were some of my favorite reads from the summer of 2010.

This year, I have an e-reader, and I am excited to load up books on my “shelf” to take with me on my travels. But there is one problem: I still haven’t gotten together my “reading list” for the summer!

So, I am asking you, what are YOU planning on reading this summer? What have you read lately that you can recommend? I have an account with Amazon, and I am ready to download – so leave me some of your favorite suggestions here.