Best Coding Apps for Kids

Computer “coding” (writing software code) is a very important skill that will only become more important in the future.  That’s why we like these great coding apps for kids.  Our friends at Kindertown share more:

Coding.  It’s the latest, most popular, and slightly geeky topic to be teaching your children right now.  A recent New York Times article called Reading, Writing, Arithmetic …and Lately Coding, talks about the trend and it’s significance.  I like this trend and feel that teaching coding is teaching problem solving, strategic thinking, visual/spacial concepts and math.  It’s all of these skills wrapped up into one area, and usually weaved with game-like qualities that make it fun for kids to learn.  That’s why coding is a great addition to your summer learning.  Check out these top coding apps for young children.

Daisy the Dinosaur

coding apps for kids

Children can program Daisy the Dinosaur and learn some basic rules of programming in the process. Daisy the Dinosaur has two sections for your child to explore, free-play mode and challenge mode. In the free-play section, children can experiment with commands and see how Daisy moves as a result of their program. In challenge mode, children are presented with a problem to solve. They must use the commands given to complete the challenge. Use the easy drag and drop icons to make Daisy move. Daisy the Dinosaur lays the very basic foundation for learning programming in the future. The amount of content in the app is not expansive, but a good amount for a free app.

This app would serve as a great introduction to programming or to test your child’s interest in the topic. Daisy the Dinosaur is appropriate for children ages 5-8 and is free.

Move the Turtle


Move the Turtle is reminiscent of the turtle that I used to program on the Apple II e.  Move the Turtle is a much more updated version of the basic programming I learned as a child.  It offers three areas to explore; Play, Compose and Projects.  In the Play area there are nine different chapters with directions to instruct your child on how to program the turtle to accomplish a basic goal such as moving to a diamond or drawing a line with a pen. Children earn diamonds, trophies and stars along the way. In the Compose area  your child can apply what they have learned in the Play area in order to create their own project or experiment with commands.  In the Projects section, your child can explore what other children have created.

Move the Turtle also offers the option to create multiple accounts for children in your house or in a school setting. Move the Turtle is $2.99 and appropriate for children ages 5-8.

Before kids can learn something sophisticated like coding, it’s very important that they first learn to read and write.

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