Best Educational Games for Kids

Kids learn though play. As an infant, they learn about the world around them through toys, touch and songs. As a pre-schooler, they learn about colors, numbers and words through interaction and game-playing.

Parents may be wondering how they can use play in their homes to help kids learn. Here are some great educational games for kids.


The Reading Kingdom

So many kids who use our program tell their parents they feel like it’s a game. And, many moms and dads say their kids refer to the Reading Kingdom online reading program as a “game” they play to learn to read. The Reading Kingdom incorporates 6 essential skills needed to learn to read in a way that makes it fun and entertaining for kids. Parents can feel good knowing their children are safe online using our program, and that The Reading Kingdom will keep them entertained and educated.

Connect Four

A lot of us remember this game from when we were children. You try to make a row of four in your color to win. Connect Four is a great game for kids ages 6 – 14 because it teaches them strategy and reasoning.

Math Bingo for the iPad and iPhone

The object of Math Bingo is to get a pattern of five Bingo Bugs in a row by correctly answering math problems. Math problems are presented at the top of the game screen. Feedback is presented at the bottom of the game screen. Correct solutions to problems answered incorrectly will be displayed. This game is a great way to teach kids counting and simple math skills.

Chutes and Ladders

This game may be old, but Chutes and Ladders is still a classic game that teaches kids simple social skills like taking turns, counting and good sportsmanship. This game is recommended for kids ages 3 – 5.