7 best games to get young kids interested in reading

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If you have a young child who is not yet reading, but you want to get them ready to read, there are a number of activities and games you can play with them to set the stage for a lifelong love of reading. These games are simple!

7 best games to get young kids interested in reading

  1. Sing nursery rhymes!
    Young children love the flow of language and it helps develop rhyming skills, which are important in reading.

  3. Sit with child and turn the pages of simple, well-illustrated books
    Don’t ask your child questions. Questions make interaction a test instead of fun. Just relax. Your actions will communicate the fun and appeal of books.  Introduce your child to a range of books including pictionaries, wordless books, and simple stories. Keep the time periods that you and your child sit with a book brief (under 20 minutes).

  5. Draw!
    With your child watching, make simple drawings  of ideas in the book you just read them .  For example, if the book talks about a dog wanting to splash through a puddle, you can try a drawing of that. If your child wants to contribute to the drawing, encourage him or her to contribute, but don’t demand it.

  6. Roll out play dough and make simple shapes, putting small pegs in cups based on size or color
    This simple game develops motor skills, which is a requirement for reading. 

  7. Find “hidden” items in pictures (like Where’s Waldo)
    This simple game develops visual skills, which is a requirement for reading.

  8. Spend a relaxed period every day of about a half hour just sitting, playing or talking
    Do this with no interruptions, no texting, no phone, and no TV.

  9. Limit television access to no more than 30 minutes a day (no access is better)
    Excessive amounts of TV work against all the skills that young children need for the active processing in reading and writing.

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