Best. Playgrounds. Ever.

All kids love to play at the playground.  Running, sliding down the slides and swinging across the monkey bars have created generations of childhood memories.  Now, Timbuktu shares a twist on playtime with some of the coolest playgrounds we’ve ever seen!

“There are playgrounds and then there are utterly amazing playgrounds, like the ones Monstrum designs in Denmark, which we discovered thanks to Villekulla

When we say utterly amazing, we mean it: isn’t this incredible?


Pictures via

Yes, we are jealous of the kids in the picture too!

And there are many more playgrounds just as wonderful, which Monstrum has designed and built all over Denmark. They are Japanese castles, huge bananas and pears, spiders, ships, submarines: you name it; Monstrum creates playgrounds in all possible shapes, which is super exciting. And (of course) they all comply with the highest quality and safety standards.

This summer, we want to go play in each one of them – who’s up for a trip around Denmark in 80 (or however many they are) playgrounds?”

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