Bink & Gollie


Bink & Gollie is a story that teaches us that opposites attract and that we sometimes need to compromise for our friends. The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books

What You Need to Know:

  • Bink & Gollie is a fabulous collaboration between two award-winning authors and highly acclaimed illustrator.
  • In the spirit of not dumbing down our speech for young children, this is a celebration of language.
  • The chapters are mini-short stories, not a continuous storyline, so you can read in any order and one at a time.
  • I especially like this format, mini-short stories, as an early practice chapter book either for your new
    reader or a read-aloud for your preschooler, as they can sit longer.

Sweet Book Summary:

Bink & Gollie are true opposites and best friends. Their interactions are droll and hilarious. Bink is wide-eyed and innocent and Gollie is utter sophistication. They can always agree to go roller skating or eat pancakes, but they must find their way through a maze of compromise on all other matters; they do so quite entertainingly.

Di Camillo and McGhee have really outdone themselves here. The conversation is utterly sparkling between the two title characters and the illustrations are priceless. During the first story, Bink finds a pair of outrageously bright socks that she absolutely must have. Their interaction goes like this:

“Bink,” said Gollie, “the brightness of those socks pains me. I beg you not to purchase them.”
Bink replies, “I can’t wait to put them on.”

And the illustrations are just spot on. Tony Fucile has created an adorable Bink, who looks as though she doesn’t have a care in the world and a more intense Gollie, who just exudes urbanity. Fucile has even created homes that reflect their sensibilities. Gollies pad is ultra-modern and Bink’s is cozy and shabby.

As I mentioned, the language is gorgeous and not your run of the mill learn to read fare. This probably isn’t the book to put into a very new reader’s hand, because the complex vocabulary may flummox them. Rather it’s a perfect shared reading!

Author: Kate DiCamillo & Alison McGhee Illustrator: Tony Fucile Published: 2010, 96 pages Themes: Excellent Read-Aloud, Friendship, and Humor

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