Book for kids to read: Fantastic Mr. Fox

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Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl is a great book for kids to read. Melissa Gaynor explains why:

“What You Need to Know:
Fantastic Mr. Fox is a unique, quirky story of serious conflicts with grave results that will inspire great discussions.

• The animals talk and work together as a team under the leadership of Mr. Fox.

• Be aware of the strong language – about killing, guns and shooting and even Mr. Fox calling his son a “twerp” – and
the sometimes violent message.

• The meaning of the story may be confusing – what is usually “right” is wrong.

• Younger children may enjoy hearing the book read aloud as long as it is explained and they don’t scare easily.

This book covers a lot of territory – good vs. evil, right versus wrong, robbing from the rich to feed the poor, gun control. Mr. Fox is definitely fantastic. At least that is what his wife and kids think when he brings them a delicious meal every night. On the other hand, the three farmers that he is stealing from in order to provide these meals are not too happy with him. To make things more complicated, the three farmers are the meanest, most horrible people you could ever imagine. They figure out that the fox is the culprit and are determined to do something about it. “I’d like to rip his guts out” and “He must be killed” are just some of their suggestions. “

Have your children read Fantastic Mr. Fox? What did they think of the book?

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