Books for kids with pictures: Oh the Things My Mom Will Do


Books for kids with pictures are a perfect way to help young children want to learn to read. Oh the Things My Mom Will Do by Marianne Richmond is one of these books.  Melissa Gaynor from Sweet on Books explains why:

“What You Need to Know:

• Told in rhyme and from a child’s perspective, this picture book highlights all that mothers do for their kids.

• This book would make a great Mother’s Day gift.

• It’s an especially good choice for mother and child to read aloud together.

• This book features both boys and girls, and should appeal to either one.

• The detailed illustrations will help readers follow along with the story.

• Use Oh, The Things My Mom Will Do…” as a conversation starter to talk about your family and the different ways that you help each other.



Mother’s Day reminds us how special mothers are, but why not have a book like this one on our shelves to remind us all year long? Oh, The Things My Mom Will Do… gives readers lots of examples of how moms go that extra mile. Whether it’s rushing a sick child to the bathroom, sewing a costume overnight, building a cardboard house for worms and bugs, or simply finding a lost bear, no task is too large or too small, too mundane or too challenging for these super moms.

The lighthearted illustrations are filled with fun details that bring the text to life, and the musical tone of the rhymes will keep listeners engaged. This book may spark a discussion about how much we do for our kids, or maybe how we do too much for them. It might also inspire a conversation and what they do for us in return. We could also take it a step further, and use it as an opportunity to discuss how we might all find ways to help, support and comfort other people in our lives, including friends, siblings, and even strangers.

A variety of kids, moms and circumstances are featured, so readers (both moms and kids) are likely to relate to some, if not all of them. There are moms at home, working moms and busy moms, but they all seem have one thing in common and that’s a genuine desire to do their best for their little ones. Being a mom is about putting someone else’s needs above your own, and this picture book does a great job of showing just what that means. If we stop and take a moment to reflect on motherhood, we just might find that those around us will also! You’ll get some giggles too, like when one mom runs into the street in her pajamas and bare feet, just to hand off a lunch box that was left behind, or when another mom uses a dropper to feed a pet hamster. Oh, the lengths moms go to for their kids!”

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