Books to Help Kids Learn to Read: How Rocket Learned to Read


How Rocket Learned to Read by Tad Hills is one of our recommended books to help children want to learn to read. Melissa Young from Sweet on Books explains why:

“What You Need to Know:

How Rocket Learned to Read is an endearing story of a little dog who discovers the magic of reading.
• Children will enjoy the journey with Rocket, and if they are learning to read themselves, this book will further that process.
• This book won the Irma Black Award.
• This book was nominated for 2011 Children’s Choice Book Award.

Sweet Book Summary:

How Rocket Learned to Read is an adorable story of an enthusiastic little bird and her very first, albeit unsuspecting, pupil. Everyday, Rocket chased leaves and chewed sticks and when all the good play tired him out he would settle in for a nice, long nap. Then one day, the eager little bird sets up her classroom right in Rocket’s napping spot and mistakenly thinks he is one of her students. Rocket moves away from the bird, but she has hung up her glorious alphabet banner and begun to read him a wonderful story out loud. Rocket becomes entranced with the story and soon wants more. He comes back everyday until the weather turns and his wonderful teacher flies south for the winter. Rocket practices his letters and his words all winter until he is reunited with his favorite teacher in the spring.

This is just a glorious book about the magic of words and the beauty in reading. Young children on the cusp of literacy will identify with Rocket and learn to read right alongside him. Those children who have acquired literacy skills already, will be reminded how marvelous the process is and little ones who still have a ways to go will be motivated. The illustrations make this book a perfect “10”. They complement the story making Rocket and his little yellow teacher, wonderfully appealing. Every child should have this book!”

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