Books to Read: The Cool Crazy Crickets Club


The Cool Crazy Crickets Club by David Elliott is on our list of recommended children’s books to read this week. Melissa Gaynor from Sweet on Books explains why:

What You Need to Know:
• This story of cooperation and friendship is a great introduction to chapter books.
• Reprinted in 2010, it was first published in 2000.
• Look for the second book in the series, The Cool Crazy Crickets to the Rescue.
• David Elliott is also the author of the well-known Evangeline Mudd series.

For boys and girls ready for their first chapter book, The Cool Crazy Crickets Club is a good place to start. The plot is very basic – start a club, build a clubhouse, get a mascot and choose a theme. There is very little character development other than that they are considerate of each other and listen to one another’s ideas. These kids are cheerful and excited about what they’re doing and they may motivate readers to feel the same about their own projects. The sentence structure and vocabulary are simple. The white space is generous and there are illustrations on every page. These delightful drawings, done in watercolor and ink, will keep readers engaged and help them to follow along with the story.

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