Break “Rules of Reading” For Reading Success

We asked moms to review the amazing online reading program for kids the Reading Kingdom. Here’s what our reviewer at the MamaZone had to say.
“The program addresses the deficiencies seen in phonics and the whole language approach to reading. If you’re around my age, you were exposed to phonics in a huge way. It’s the method of teaching reading by teaching the sounds of words. It’s insufficient alone because so many words in the English language go against the rules we learn and cannot be sounded out. As a teacher I was a proponent of combining whole language with phonics, but the challenge of whole language is that it offers limited structure. Thus, my interest in the Reading Kingdom, which aims to combine the best of phonics and whole language while teaching additional skills….I highly recommend this for those of you who have early readers like I do. The financial investment will garner huge returns for you.”

Check out the video to see the Reading Kingdom online reading program for kids in action!