Build confidence with the right reading curriculum

Lynn is a mom whose daughter uses Reading Kingdom as part of her reading curriculum.  Here’s what she has to say about her experience:

“For the Princess [my daughter], it was simple to begin Reading Kingdom.  She was able to complete the entire diagnostic without my help.  She was elated.  That confidence boost is just what she needed.  Although she loved Reading Kingdom the first time, she has enjoyed it even more this time.  She does not need my help in any way and enjoys sitting down to complete one or two lessons a day.

As this program adjusts step by step to each individual child, it makes learning fun and keeps them motivated.  Recommended for children from preschool to third grade (and for struggling readers of all types — like my Princess), Reading Kingdom is perfect for homeschooling families.  It can stand-alone as a complete reading curriculum or can be used as a supplement to your current curriculum.  We are using it as a confidence-boosting supplement to our core curriculum.  It works especially well to give me a bit of time to work with the Boy Scout or the Junior when they need help with their individual subjects.  The Princess can quickly log on and work on a lesson or two while I answer any questions the others might have.  Each lesson takes her about 15 minutes and that’s usually just enough time for me to help the others.

Here’s what the Princess had to say about Reading Kingdom: ‘You know, it’s not just something to do.  Reading Kingdom is something FUN to do.’”– Lynn McInnis

If you’re looking for a standalone reading curriculum or the perfect supplement to the curriculum you already use, try Reading Kingdom.  Our approach is specifically designed to boost children’s confidence as they learn to read.  Click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial of our reading software. Lingo and the rest of the team at Reading Kingdom are excited to see you soon!