Campaign to End ‘Shameful’ Reading Gap in Primary Schools


The future of children’s literacy does not look so bright on the other side of the Atlantic.  Here’s more about the wide reading gap in England’s primary schools:

Around 1.5 million children will leave primary school struggling to read by 2025 unless urgent action is taken, according to new research published today by a campaign group set up to eradicate illiteracy.

The report published by Save the Children, on behalf of the Read On Get On campaign, shows that England is one of the most unequal countries in Europe when it comes to children’s reading.

The research suggests the UK economy could be £32bn worse off without action being taken to ensure 11-year-olds leave primary school as more competent readers.

In England, the weakest readers at age 10 are seven years behind the strongest – only Romania has a greater gap. And it is children in the poorest families who are the most likely to be unable to read well by the age of 11, says the charity.

The Read On Get On campaign, a coalition of charities, businesses and educationalists, is calling on all political parties to pledge to support the “bold but achievable” target of making sure every child born this year is able to read well by the time they leave primary aged 11 in 2025.
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