Cat the Cat Who is that?

Cat the Cat Who is That? Is a darling story about an outgoing cat and her favorite people. The book is reviewed by Melissa Y. at Sweet on Books.

What You Need to Know:

• Ok…the brilliant Mo Willems’ does it again! This is a new series for the youngest, teeniest, tiniest reader.
• Now that we have established this is for the youngest of readers, my five year old still enjoys it, because he, too, is
in the Mo Willems’ fan club. But he also enjoys it because the language is so simple and repetitive he could read it
himself after one shared reading. So think of this as a great starter book for your brand new reader, too.
• There is also a very simple, actually quite brilliant in it’s simplicity, message that being different is ok.
• For all those pigeons fans out there, you will find a pigeon cameo sure to delight.

Sweet Book Summary:

Meet cheerful cat as she introduces you to all of her friends. Cat is exuberant and friendly and can’t wait to introduce the reader to all her favorite people. She makes the introductions in the most clever way, as to provide repetitive opportunities for our youngest readers. When we meet fish, for instance, she says “It’s Fish the Fish! Hi, Fish the Fish!”. Fish, looking like a surfer, replies, “Hi Dude.” The illustrations are bright and fun. And the little surprise ending, when the alien cannot speak her language, (Blarggie, Blarggie) is where the fine message of inclusion comes in. We love Mo Willems’ work, and we are so glad he is so prolific, and has given us another series to adore!

Author: Mo Willems  Illustrator: Mo Willems  Published: 2010, 32 pages
Themes: Friendship, Animals, Feelings, Excellent Read-Aloud

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