Celebrate National Reading Day!

As children learn how to read, encouragement helps build the foundation needed to create a lifelong reader.  Today we join hands with thousands of parents, teachers and education enthusiasts from all walks of life to celebrate National Reading Day!

About National Reading Day:

National Reading Day puts the spotlight on children in Pre-K through Third Grade to help bring awareness to the importance of a strong foundation in early literacy.  An assortment of educational activities filled with great books for kids, reading worksheets and more are carried out in classrooms, libraries and at home to support the cause of children’s literacy.

If you haven’t started to celebrate National Reading Day in your school or at home, this is the year to start! Pick up one of our favorite children’s books, download a free reading worksheet, or check out one of the recommended apps for kids on our website to celebrate National Reading day with hundreds of thousands of children and their families.

If your child is just getting ready to learn to read, the Reading Kingdom online learning program provides the perfect solution.  Our award-winning program uses the patented “Integrated Six Skill Method” that successfully teaches children how to read.  Read testimonials from parents and teachers then click here to sign up for a free 30 day trial.  Lingo and company hope to see you soon!