Celebrities at your fingertips!

Just about everyone has made finger puppets at some point in elementary school. With the use of paint, marker or craft materials, you could have up to 10 finger puppets talking at once!  Now there’s a new art form for making finger puppets that our friends at Timbuktu have to share:

“ “Dito” means “finger” in Italian. And Dito (nice nickname, right?) is the pseudonym of an Italian artist who authored a very peculiar body of work: a collection of portraits of famous characters from history, literature, art, pop-culture and more painted on fingertips (we’ve all tried this once, but probably with less striking results!).

This is Dito Mozart, for instance:

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All images courtesy of Ditology.com

He looks great, doesn’t he?


Ditology, the collection of Dito’s images, came about unexpectedly. The first portrait was created to be used as a Facebook profile picture: the author literally wanted to himself behind a finger to protect his privacy! The rest is history.

Dito Dalai Lama

Check out the gallery to see some of the best of Dito, and visit his website: you can keep this as an inspiration for next time you decide to entertain your kids by painting faces on your fingertips and using them as characters!”

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