My Child Rearing Views Prior to Having Children


By Adrian H. Wood for

My Child Rearing Views Prior to Having Children:

  1. My children would never watch television.

Perhaps an educational show here and there when at a friend’s house or maybe “Sesame Street” or “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.” In my defense, we don’t have cable. We do have YouTube and Netflix and so, television has become a necessary evil in our household. How else would I clean up or be lazy myself?

  1. My children would never have a video game system.

Not in my house. My cousins had an Atari and that was good enough for me and would be fine for my children too. Well, the WII came first, a gift from grandparents though I suggested it. The Xbox arrived this year as a gift from Santa. Yes, I blamed Santa so my children would not know I was a total wimp and liar. Upon hearing Blair tell her church friend, “I got kilt by a cop,” I reconsidered my decision of exposure to Grand Theft Auto. Too late.

  1. My children would never be allowed to have toy guns in my house.

How was I to know I would have a son like Russell who came out of the womb with his thumb and index finger in shooting stance? Long before I conceded the impressive arsenal we have today, he could make any household or yard item into a useful weapon, odd shaped stick, paintbrush, paper towel roll. You name it. It particularly undid our very kind proper babysitter we had at that time. Now we are swarming with teenagers glued to their phones and upgraded to civil war mock weapons and impressive rapid shooting Nerf guns.

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