Children can learn to read on their own – and love it!

learn to read
While many other programs require outside assistance, our online reading software is specifically designed for children to learn to read on their own. Jennifer is a mom whose son plays the “owl game” at Reading Kingdom.  Here’s what she has to say about her son learning to read on his own with Lingo and company!

“I started this program with my beginning reader. It is simple to sign up. The directions are very clear (which always makes mom’s job easier), the program keeps track of where your child is so you don’t have to try and figure out where you left off etc. It also lets you know how much further he or she has left to go until you move on to the next step.

There are multiple sessions within each level of the program. You can exit a session whenever you have to although it is best to finish. The sessions are not long and have cute characters that keep the child’s interest and focus on the task. My son looked forward to seeing what would happen when he got the answer right.

When we used this program I let him decide when he wanted to be finished or go on. He would always complete at least one session and then if he wanted to he could go on to another one…He asks to do the “owl game”. The characters are cute, the directions are simple. Nothing is over the top and distracting. I am happy with it because he can do it all by himself.

So many times we go to use a program for kids and he can’t do it without assistance. This is not the case with Reading Kingdom. He feels very independent not needing me or his siblings reading over his shoulder or waiting for someone to come help him.” — Jennifer Kieffer, “farmlife chick”

Reading Kingdom teaches children aged 4-10, including struggling readers how to read up to a third grade level.  Click here to accept our personal invite for 30 days of the Reading Kingdom, risk free!