Children learn to read at their own pace with Reading Kingdom!

Imagine having one of the world’s top experts in literacy helping your children learn to read.  Reading Kingdom makes this happen.  Shell is a mom whose sons not only agree to do their reading homework, but enjoy it! Here’s more of what she has to say:


Shell Jeanette – Things I Can't Say

“What I love about Reading Kingdom is that it is an individualized program. It customizes to each of your children and has them work on what they need to work on when it comes to reading and writing. (I love that Reading Kingdom reinforces the writing part.) You can start this program with children as young as 4 and it goes up to age 10.

My two older boys started by doing the first assessment, which showed if they needed to spend some time in the Seeing Sequences and Letter Land sections, which work on visual sequencing skills and keyboarding skills. Both of them tested out of the seeing sequences section and only had to do a few sessions of the keyboarding skills. I love that they didn’t have to waste time on something they already knew. Though I’ll be thankful for these sections when it’s my 4 year-olds turn to start Reading Kingdom. learn-to-read

After completing those sections, they each took another assessment, which determined which Reading/Writing Level to start them at. I love that even after they’ve been placed in their levels, there’s still more assessment at the beginning of each lesson, to determine if they already know a word- so there isn’t time wasted (or boredom!). The lessons themselves are short enough to keep their attention, but also reinforce the lesson so that they really do know the skill/words being taught by the time they are done.

And the lessons? They do them on their own with no help from me. That’s how it’s designed – kid only, no parent help. We are making Reading Kingdom a daily routine in our house and I’m excited to see my boys’ progress.” — Shell Jeanette,

Reading Kingdom’s award winning, groundbreaking techniques teach children ages 4-10 how to read and write.  To learn more about our approach, see results from thousands of proud parents and teachers then sign up for a free 30 day trial. Our program also provides additional learning supplements such as learning tips, worksheets for kids and more. Lingo and company hopes to see you soon!